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From Stress to Success : a global citizen of the world, adoptive mother of 2 and single parent, passionate about reaching freedom on all levels

From Stress To Success

Hi, my name is Celine Joly, also known in Asia as Mum-Entrepreneur.  I was born and raised in France. But I have spent 25 years living in different countries around the World.

Let me to share with you how I went from being a stay-at-home mum of 2 young kids, stuck in a routine, with no vision, with no experience whatsoever in internet marketing to becoming a successful online marketer, an international public speaker, a coach and a business owner.

I left France when I was 17 to go and study engineering in Scotland and then Russia. I graduated and got a good job in a leading American corporation in England.


When I got married, I put my corporate career on hold to follow my husband around Europe and Asia. Somehow I lost some of my independence and even lost myself…

When living in Singapore and then living in Hong Kong, I was a dependent visa holder, I never really liked the idea of that. I was not the typical expat wife, I wanted more but got stuck in marriage routine.

I did offer freelance consulting services, but starting a family was really on my mind. Unfortunately I quickly found out I could not have children myself and we decided to adopt our 2 children.

My son went through several health challenges so I stopped working completely, to be involved in all the therapies he needs. As a stay-at-home mum, I dedicated my life to my kids.

But then my life changed, my husband and I grew apart, our motivations became so different, our marriage did not survive and I fell into depression.

To bounce back I had to take massive actions. I did it for my children! I want them to grow up in an environment where they learn to go forward, no matter what the challenges are in life.

I worked on gaining my independence back.

I took care of my health, got fitter and unleashed my positive and adventurous mindset again.

I trained, took experts advice and I even trekked all the way to up to Everest Base Camp and pushed myself to the highest limits.

I re-evaluated my whole life with guidance from Tony Robbins! 

As some go through a mid-life crisis, I was reborn !

I did not want to comprise the living standards I was used to but I wanted to keep my time flexibility with my kids and be able to work from home regardless of the country I was living in. 

With my divorce looming I knew at some point I would want to relocate France, so I was looking for a business opportunity that was transferable from one country to the next without having to start from scratch all over again.


I was looking for location, time and money freedom.

One evening while surfing the net, I clicked on a Facebook Ad… and I found the business education system I was after.

I attended a live event in Hong Kong, I looked at the training and business opportunity to get started as an entrepreneur. It answered all my needs and I liked it so much I entered into a business partnership with them the following week! 

For your online business, the only things you need are a proper training, any computer and an internet connection. You don’t even need to have your own products to start with. 

All the business training is provided, in a starter-packaged box, with step-by-step, one-on-one coaching, to assist you all the way!

I learnt from the best of the best in Internet Marketing during mastermind events. I always find new mentors to help me grow my business. Thanks to these educational packages, I have grown from being a student to becoming an international public speaker, a teacher, guiding entrepreneurs getting started online.

In the last 2 years, I trained in Thailand, Fiji, Jamaica, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London and even Costa Rica.

That’s how I decided to leave Hong Kong and relocate to France for the children to know my country. Newly based in Europe, I am now expending my business from Asia to Europe and the Americas.

I love taking my kids on trips with me whenever they can. One of the many advantages of having the laptop lifestyle is that we just toured the UK by car for 3 weeks all the way to Scotland!

It was all possible thanks to my online business.


I even treated myself with an automatic Hyundai i30 top of the range with all the latest options! The perfect car for my family!

From dropping the kids to school, running family errands to going on long road trips abroad, this spacious car is filled with technology which makes it very safe and easy to drive …

…. I am finally a car owner . This makes such a difference to my family and I love the freedom of driving everywhere

Believe me, my life is back on track, loving the business that I do. I have now become an international business traveller who can afford to take my kids with me around the world, all thanks to my online business.

If you want that too… Do not delay, invest in your education and take action now.

Click the link around this video, why not Join me today.

Fill up my application form and let’s get you started too.

I want you to be in my team and I want you to be my next success story.

This is Celine Joly,

I look forward to working with you and meeting you on the most inspiring places of the world!

Take Care, take Action & Accelerate To Success!

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We own my success to a few people and organisations...


Celine Joly

Founder & CEO

- French MumEntrepreneur living the laptop lifestyle globally with a passion for travels
- Born and raised in France, university educated in Scotland and lived in the UK for 10 years before relocating to Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong for 15 years
- Adoptive mother of 2 amazing Asian kids
- Just relocated to France after 25 years abroad, as a single mum, thanks to her online business
- 6 figure earner with HTAM
- International speaker & Motivator with a passion to work with Women On the Way-up and children



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My Children are my WHYs in any venture and adventure i launch !



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